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    Although the repertoire of my solo records mainly consists of repertoire from the baroque, I relish playing organ music from other eras as well.


    The repertoire of any given concert is largely determined by the characteristics of the organ in the locale. Occasionally a concert organizer will ask for a special theme with special requests. In almost all my concert programs I play an improvisation and at least one composition by a female composer. Many programs include works of the composer with the signature Anonymous, the world’s most preformed composer. Behind that name I am sure there are several women!


    Some examples of repertoire from my concerts:

  • Karin Nelson

    Live Recordings from Concerts

  • Karin Nelson

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    Photo: Per Buhre



    Together with folk musician and flutist Jonas Simonson and jazz bassist Anders Jormin, I have made two recordings and given many concerts through the years.Since we have different musical backgrounds – folk music, world music, jazz and church music – it is great fun to explore the creative processes when we converse musically with each other. Often, we begin with a certain expectation and end up somewhere else completely.


    If you are curious about what I mean, please listen to the recordings!





    Photo: Johan Wingborg



    The French trombonist François Lemonnier and I have released a CD named Misterioso. The title is inspired by the first track on the recording, Thelonius Monk’s melody with the same name. We use his theme quite freely and improvise around it, as we also do with other thematic material on the recording. The organ we use for the recording stands in St. Paul’s Church in Salzburg and is built by my husband. I have been able to follow the whole building project in the organ shop, starting with rough lumber and metal ingots, but ending up as a wonderful instrument - quite amazing!








    Over the years the percussion player Jonny Axelsson and I have performed music for percussion and organ. Our cooperation started long ago when we were diploma students at the former Academy of Music in Gothenburg. The intervals between our projects and concerts are unfortunately extended, but we enjoy the teamwork when it happens!