Musicology, artistic-creative programme



    Please have a look below at my dissertation in musicology, Improvisation and pedagogy through Heinrich Scheidemann’s Magnificat settings. It focuses on how musicians of different epochs and backgrounds have related to notated music and how they use written compositions as a basis for improvisation. Over the years I have undergone an intense artistic development concerning the dialogue between genres, traditions and contexts.


    Another dimension of my research is the role of pedagogy as a moving force in music culture, departing from sources like Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck and Dieterich Buxtehude.


    I have also been involved in the process of compiling the liturgical handbook for both the Church of Norway and the Church of Sweden, about which I have also written a number of articles. The latest was titled A Critical Assessment of New Liturgical Music from the Perspective of Early Lutheranism and was published by the Novus Forlag.


    At the moment, together with my colleague at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Peter van Tour, I am working with a research project titled Improvisation and Ear Training: Developing Aural Skills with hands on the keyboard. The aim is to facilitate the development of skills as well as new teaching and learning strategies through the imitation and variation of harmonic and polyphonic schemata according to a practical approach, involving singing, keyboard playing, and improvisation.